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Eesti sõnavõtt kolmandal ametlikul IHLi tugevdamise protsessi kohtumisel


Third Formal Meeting of Intergovernmental Process on Strengthening Respect for International Humanitarian Law (IHL)


Intervention by ESTONIA

Ways to enhance the implementation of IHL using the potential of the International Conference and IHL regional forums

Genf, 6 detsember 2017

Mr Chair,

Our delegation very much appreciates the co-facilitators efforts in drawing up the work plan and focusing on a good outcome, in accordance wih the objectives stipulated in resolution 2 and in accordance with the meetings that have taken place in 2017 and 2016. We also value in the sincere constructiveness of all the delegations present.

Estonia would like to thank the facilitators for the work plan and we could have been flexible to go with the proposed version. We agree, that agreeing on a work plan for 2018 and 2019 would contribute to saving valuable time on procedural issues, but are also flexible to accommodate the wishes of some delegations who insist on agreeing on actions for 2018 only.

Estonia echos what some previous delegations have said – no consensus has yet been reached! – many ideas and food for thought for the upcoming meetings.

We support the proposal to add to the Background Document the legal evaluation/elements of how the existing mechanisms can realistically be used and what the constraints and limitations are. This would be helpful, allowing us to be better prepared, better informed and constructive, so that we can we come together next year and talk about converging elements.

Thank you.


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