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Intervention by Estonia at the WHO EBSS 4 on the Draft 13th General Programme of Work under agenda item 3.4


WHO EBSS 4 on the draft 13th General Programme of Work

Intervention by ESTONIA


Agenda item 3.4: Organizational shifts

Geneva, 23 November 2017


Honorable chairperson,

Estonia would like to welcome the Organizational Shifts proposed; they are both necessary and welcome. The document gives an overview of shifts in WHO’s work and interactions with member states, but we would like to see clearer objectives for the slowest part of WHO reform – the governance reform.

While this is in the hands of the Member States, active engagement from the Secretariat can help move this process along. The consultation process on the Rules of Procedure of the governing bodies was a welcome step in this direction; we look forward to taking this process further.

We would like to see WHO as a state of the art organization ready to tackle the challenges of the 21st century - this includes prompt electronic communication with Member States and electronic voting. As we always seem to be short on time, these measures would help us use our limited resources on the substance of our work here.

For best practices on both these topics, a lot could be learned from the Regional Office for Europe, where we have worked on these issues for the past years and made significant progress.

WHO cannot accomplish the ambitious targets of General Programme of Work without partners from all sectors. To that end we echo what was said by Slovenia   about the importance of better engaging with NGOs, who, after all, provide valuable feedback through their firsthand experience from the people benefiting from WHO’s work.

There is definitely room for improvement in how WHO consults and works with partners on various issues, and we see the need for more consistency, transparency and sustainability in all consultative processes to ensure meaningful gathering of input.


Thank you.


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