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Remarks by Estonia at the Conference on Disarmament informal meeting on Expansion of the Membership


Conference on Disarmament informal meeting on Expansion of the Membership


Geneva, 13th June 2017


Mr. President,

First, let me congratulate Slovakia on the assumption of the CD Presidency and thank you for your initiative to organise the informal discussions to consider the issue of the expansion of the CD membership.

While we fully align with the statements by the EU and the Informal Group of Observer States (IGOS), Estonia would like to highlight a few important points.

Efforts to break the deadlock in CD will continue to require sustained political will and creative thinking from all CD members. In this respect, we believe that CD would benefit from transparency and inclusiveness.

The Conference on Disarmament (CD) has the crucial role to negotiate multilateral disarmament treaties according to its mandate. We believe that such negotiations, and discussions on matters of global importance, such as disarmament, must be addressed in universally representative bodies, and should include all sovereign states, who wish to be part of it.

Thus, we underline the importance of continuing consultations on the expansion of CD membership and strongly support the appointment of a special coordinator in this respect.

Thank you, Mr President.


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